Jorge Valdano Confirms Real Madrid Bid For Ozil, Mourinho Excited Over Possibility Of Transfer

Mesut ÖzilReal Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano has confirmed that the Spanish giants have bid for Werder Bremen star Mesut Ozil, while coach Jose Mourinho is excited about the possibility of this transfer move going through.

Speaking to ZDF at half time of yesterday’s clash against Bayern Munich, Valdano said: “Yes, we have made an offer for Mesut Ozil.”

Meanwhile, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho hopes this transfer deal goes through as fast as possible, for he said: “He is a very good player and I would be delighted were he to come to us.”

“Bremen have said no so we will have to see how things develop.”

“If he comes, it would certainly be excellent. Ozil would definitely help us.”

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