Mourinho: Ramos Performs Best At Center Back

sergio ramos real madridAlthough he has just signed for Real Madrid yesterday evening, Mourinho is making things clearer by the hour on which players he wants in his starting formation in what positions.

Speaking in yesterday’s press conference, Mourinho talked about Ramos, when he said: “The best position Ramos plays in is center back, and that’s where I would like him to play in my team. As for Marcelo, I want him to play at a position other than left back.”

When asked about who the best midfielder in the world was, Mourinho said: “That depends on which country you play in, but the best midfielders in the world are Lampard, Xavi, Iniesta and Silva.”

The new Real Madrid coach also had some words of praise for captain Raul, when he said: “I am fond of Raul, and I spoke with him this morning. However, what we talked about is no one’s business. It is my business and Raul’s business only. I hope to see Raul happy, because he has served Real Madrid many years in a professional matter, and he deserves a happy ending.”

When asked about his tactics and method of work, Mourinho said: “I admire players who work hard and never give in. I want stardom to be a like clothes all my players could wear. I plan to change some things, like not allowing the press to know everything, I’ll only allow the press and audience to have access to 15 minutes of the training session, after which we will train behind closed doors. I like my players to be fully concentrated with me, and I like to talk enough to them.”

The Portuguese tactician concluded with a direct message to everyone, saying: “I will be provocative to anyone who mistreats my players, because these players are my family and the training pitch is our home. I will always defend my players, and that’s not hard for me.”

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