Ronaldinho And Zanetti Would Welcome Kaka In Italy

kaka_zanetti_28_ampliada-e1286619770470Amidst reports suggesting Kaka’s departure from Real Madrid and heading back to Italy, Ronaldinho And Zanetti have stated that they would welcome back the Brazilian at the Italian capital.

“Kaka is a great champion who made history at AC Milan, and if he wants to come back here, it would be a pleasure for me to open the door for him.” said the former Barcelona star.

Meanwhile, Zanetti of Inter Milan said: “We’re talking about a great champion who would be welcomed by a group that is very competitive.”

“I know they are linking him with a possible move to Inter, as I read in the newspapers.”

“Champions are always welcome and know how to play with other champions, so I do not think that he would face any problems playing alongside Sneijder.”

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