Casillas: “I Ask That Our Fans Be Patient Because We Are A Young Team”

Iker CasillasReal Madrid captain Iker Casillas held a press conference after his team’s training session, where he discussed several issues concerning the squad, especially last night’s win against Osasuna.

Casillas is quoted by Real Madrid’s official website as saying: “We are excited about the Champions League. This is a complicated group and we don’t want to lose any points at home. Ajax’s Luis Suarez is a great player, so we have to take advantage of the fact that he is unable to play.”

“We barely let Osasuna put together any scoring opportunities. This team is always on due to the fact that every line is working at all times. We are solid and strong and hope to continue. The fact that we haven’t conceded a goal in the first two games is big news. The best player in the two games we have played has been the opposing goalkeeper.”

“Players like Ricardo Carvalho are necessary for any team. It is always good to have experienced players. He brings players together, which is important for us.”

“We will take things slowly and increase the rhythm one day at a time. We need to remain calm and little by little we will see results. I ask that our fans be patient because we are a young team. Real Madrid demands everything in only two or three months.”

“It would be wrong to believe that we are a better team than Barcelona and that we will remain ahead of them in the table. We must only be concerned with our next match and our goal of making this a much more solid team.”

“Atletico appear to be title contenders. They are playing good, effective football. They deserve to be among the top teams, which will also make the league more exciting.”

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