Mourinho Confident Of Real Madrid Success

Jose Mourinho San BernabeuIn an interview with CNN World Sport, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho expressed his beliefs about how Real Madrid will succeed under his management.

Mourinho said: “I hope so. I did it with Porto, I did it with Inter, with Chelsea we didn’t win the Champions League but we won two consecutive Premierships so, why not to do it with Real?”

“It’s a big club, it’s a club with lots of good players. In this moment they have the motivation because they win nothing in the last years, but of course it’s not easy, because we have real opponents, and we have to be the team.”

Speaking about Kaka, Mourinho said: “We all know that the knee was a real problem, and after that the problem he has in the groin will be solved when the knee problem is solved.”

“And now we know until December-January we don’t have him, so we have to prepare the team, organize the team without Kaka. But he will be back, and he will be back at 100 percent, and at 100 percent he’s one of the best and we need him.”

Mourinho then went on to speak about Cristiano Ronaldo, saying: “He’s fantastic, and the way he works speaks for itself. He’s a boy that works very, very hard every day — lots of ambition, he wants to improve all the time.”

“So with the potential he has, I just hope he keeps going. Because I cannot demand more than he’s giving.”

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